Everyone’s Experience Is Unique

Boosting Confidence

Getting Unstuck

It’s not always easy once you’ve chosen the journey of an entrepreneur …

But once you’ve made that choice,  surround yourself with the key people and resources that help YOU grow and create success

Working with Sean one-on-one had me thinking in a totally different way.
A week after our call I had an “A-Ha” moment that has led me to go full steam ahead with starting an online business that I’m super excited about! Before this, I had some disappointments and I wasn’t sure which direction I was going. I was starting to feel a bit lost. 
Sean had me dig a little deeper into why I was feeling “stuck” doing certain things, not only in starting a business, but also in my daily life. His ability to bounce the right questions in my direction, to open my thinking, has worked wonders!
Darryl B., Online Affiliate Consultant, Acton Ontario
Sean helped me to find the ONE thing I needed to get unstuck!
Muki P., Founder at Jahsoba LLC

It’s rare that you come across a coach as sharp as Sean. I had the opportunity to get coaching from him, and it was a phenomenal experience. I was particularly impressed by how Sean used the proven tools & methods of High Performance Coaching and combined them with his left-brain thinking to give me clarity around my challenges and next steps that were specific to my situation and actionable. Plus, he’s just a really smart guy who understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. You’d be lucky to have Sean as your coach (I hear he gets booked up so get on his calendar fast!)

Bobby Kegley, RocketFueled.co, SF Bay Area

Sean was an exceptional member of my Coaching Team, who exhibits the rare and priceless combination of empathy and care with discipline and structure. A combination that the members of the program benefitted from tremendously.

As a methodical and strategic thinker, Sean is always looking 2 steps ahead, while being willing to ask the tough questions to keep the clients he is working with on track and focused – and feeling supported through their challenges and obstacles. Sean believes in possibilities, even when those possibilities seem to be out of reach.

He will help you to create a realistic and achievable plan – keeping it simple yet “narrow and deep.” In a world that can feel lacking in wisdom, and drowning in information – Sean cuts through all the noise to provide a perfect balance of both to take you to the next level.

When you are looking for a Coach who cares, and can provide you with structure and systems to achieve your goals and beyond … you can put your full trust in Sean to take you there. I have and I highly recommend that you do too.

Christa Thompson, Director/Developer Elite Coaching Programs, Canada

The high performance coaching session with Sean was very impactful. He asked me key questions that brought out insights I had inside of me. He also knew when to push me to dig a little deeper than the surface to reveal some things I was overlooking. The entire session was amazing and I left the call with unbelievable clarity not only on where I am and what I need to do to keep moving the ball forward, but some key areas I need to focus on in my life. It’s rare to have a conversation that gives you so much value.

Sulaiman N, Dallas, TX