Productive Time Blocking for Entrepreneurs Using Google Calendar

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Take Back Control Of Your Calendar

In this 60-min Workshop, You’ll Walk Through My Ultimate 5-Step Method To Simplify Your Calendar While Boosting Your Productivity

  • Find Out How To Stop Lurching Into Each Day Without A Plan
  • Discover The Ultimate 5-Step Method To Use EVERY Week
  • How To Use Google Calendar PLUS My Method To Gain Back 2-3 Hours MORE Per Week!
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Choosing To Be An Entrepreneur Is Choosing Freedom …

But what if that freedom is keeping you stuck and scattered?

The reality is that most productivity and calendar techniques are made for corporate “cog-in-the-machine” workers – NOT entrepreneurs.

  • 80% of Entrepreneurs Are Only Using 20% of What Google Calendar Can Do
  • HINT: Connecting Zoom TO Your Google Calendar is NOT Enough
  • A Proven (Not Academic) Method Tailored For Entrepreneurs
  • Simply Enough To Start Today
  • Strategic Enough To Stay Productive For You Long-Term
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What’s Included In The Workshop

  • The Truth About How Much Mismanaging Your Calendar Is REALLY Costing You
  • Why You MUST Get Personal To Time Block (And Manage) Your Calendar
  • Walkthroughs Using My Ultimate 5-Step Method For Time Blocking Using Google Calendar
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About Your Trainer, Sean O’Meara

I’m a Certified High Performanceâ„¢ Coach and have supported and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners since choosing to leave the corporate world … after working in Silicon Valley for twenty years