What Would You Do With 10-15 Hours More Per Week?!

  • Have More Time to Spend With Your Spouse?
  • Get Better Results Within Your Business While Spending Less Time?
  • Finally Start That Passion Project You Keep Saying You’ll Start?

Productive Time Blocking for Entrepreneurs Using Google Calendar

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Take Back Control Of Your Calendar

In this 60-min Workshop, You’ll Walk Through My Ultimate 5-Step Method To Simplify Your Calendar While Boosting Your Productivity

  • Find Out How To Stop Lurching Into Each Day Without A Plan
  • Discover The Common Pitfalls Most Entrepreneurs Make When Managing Their Calendar
  • How To Use Google Calendar PLUS My Method To Gain Back 5-10 Hours Or MORE Per Week!

Choosing To Be An Entrepreneur Is Choosing Freedom

But what if that freedom is keeping you stuck and scattered?

The reality is that most productivity and calendar techniques are made for corporate “cog-in-the-machine” workers – NOT entrepreneurs.

  • 80% of Entrepreneurs Are Only Using 20% of What Google Calendar Can Do (HINT: Connecting Zoom TO Your Google Calendar is NOT Enough)
  • Dealing With Distractions Is Different In Your World
  • Proven Techniques That Help With Productivity Today AND Help Prevent Burning Out In The Future

What’s Included In The Workshop

  • The Truth About How Much Mismanaging Your Calendar Is REALLY Costing You
  • Why You MUST Get Personal To Time Block Your Calendar To Enable Your Strengths
  • Time-Blocking Sample Walkthroughs Using My Ultimate 5-Step Method To Speed Up Applying It For Yourself

About Your Trainer, Sean O’Meara

I’m a Certified High Performanceâ„¢ Coach and have supported and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners since choosing to leave the corporate world … after working in Silicon Valley for twenty years.

While working in Silicon Valley, I was often juggling my own technical projects, managing a team of developers and wrangling with 1000+ emails and notifications PER DAY, 6-7 days per week.